Non-stop travel 2018: Part 6 – Khartoum

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was lucky enough to be invited and able to attend a wedding of my two very closest friends. It was organized in Sudan, Khartoum since they are both originally Sudanese but lived most of their lives in Kenya (where I met them).

It was a 5 day trip and I was joined by some of my good friends from all over the world. Truly a magical experience in a new exciting place.

Khartoum was great and the people lovely. Really unique and beautiful! Khartoum is quite dry, sandy and hot. Not too much to see in terms of sights besides the classic attractions (buildings, museums, markets, the 2 Niles etc.). I did hear though that outside Khartoum there is a lot more to do and see and that a lot of Sudan is actually green (80% arable land). So next time I’m definitely doing more exploring.

Below are a few pics from this trip.

P.s. When leaving Sudan you will need to get a exit Visa at the airport before checking in. This costs around 15USD so bring money with you (no ATM’s at the airport). None of us knew this and we almost missed our flight because this took so long.

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