Peru the new King of coca production.

Follow this five series short documentary about the emerging player in cocaine production namely Peru.

This is an interesting piece on how the war against drugs adapts to seemingly futile tactics adopted by mostly the West in this endless fight.

I honestly do not believe that the answer is to try and regulate the production of drugs. What should be done is addressing the issue at the core, why does our current society have the need for drugs?

The only way to handle the “war” on drugs is dealing with the users of the drugs and not the producers especially in the current system of capitalism. No matter how much resources you throw at eradicating production you will still have demand and with demand there will always be an alternative way to please this demand.

I heard a great quote once (cannot remember who right now) and it goes something like this ” Drugs are not the problem, reality is and drugs are the solution”.

Going of this quote one could argue that there is a need for drugs because everyday life is either unbearable or meaningless and therefore the solution could be to try and solve the issues of reality (what ever this entails, socioeconomic stability, basic needs, greedy hierarchical, exploitative systems, false idolization, inequality etc).

Anyway hope you enjoy.


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